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Student Behaviour

The Anglican school system shall at all times maintain a strict policy on violence. This policy will be determined by the ACEA after consultation with the school principals. In September 1999 the Anglican School System adopted a violence prevention and intervention programme developed by the Johnson Institute – Respect and Protect. The principle is that everyone is obliged to respect and protect the rights of others with NO tolerance for violence. The programme contains both a prevention element and an intervention element. The purpose of the policy is to give students, parents, staff, and the community at large a clear statement concerning the Anglican Schools System’s stand against violent behaviour and the consequences that will follow violation of the policy (school’s disciplinary system, suspension or expulsion). The objectives are to ensure the safety of students and staff, their property, and the property of the school, and to maintain a safe, supportive, nurturing, school environment highly conducive to learning.

The definition of violence used is as follows: Violence is any mean word, look, sign, or act that hurts or damages a person’s body, feelings, or possessions.

No one is entitled to be violent. No form of violence will be tolerated from anybody at school, on school-sponsored transportation, or at school sponsored activities away from school. This will also include parents coming on campus and causing commotion or students bringing someone on campus.

The police will be called immediately for anyone (parents or friends of students) coming onto the campus and causing a commotion and refusing to leave when requested to do so by Administration.



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