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Our Mission

The ACEA, a safe environment and a well-rounded educational product that fosters the development of students’ spiritual, academic, physical, social, and emotional well-being affording their relevancy and adaptability for future citizenship and life in an ever changing global environment. The ACEA will provide the faculty and staff with all of the tools necessary to accomplish the mission.


Goals and Objectives of Anglican Education

In accordance with the philosophy and mission of the Anglican Diocese with respect to Education, the goals and objectives of Anglican Education are:

To promote a christian philosophy of life by encouraging students to know God and to have a
daily relationship with Him.

To prepare students for christian service in the church and the wider community.

To produce competent individuals who can compete successfully in all aspects of education
and to promote in them a zeal for excellence.

To inculcate in students positive qualities of character that lead to self-discipline, integrity and
good citizenship.

To develop in students a respect for the corpus humanum (human Body) as the temple of the
Lord, thereby discouraging any form of abuse and encouraging their commitment to realize to
the fullest a mens sana in corpore sano (a sound mind in a sound body).

To foster in all students a knowledge and love for their environment and the wider world in which we live, and to develop in them a sense of responsibility for the preservation of nature.


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